Pride in
the Bowl

YC’s has been serving delicious, custom stir-fry in the Phoenix area for the last 25 years. Though we’ve grown to five locations in that time, we’re still committed to using consistently fresh, healthy ingredients at a great value for you.

The YC’s Difference

  • Our meat is delivered fresh. We trim the fat for a leaner protein, then it’s frozen and shaved thin so every piece cooks evenly with the vegetables.
  • Our fish are wild, not farm raised, so they have no extra additives and are gluten free.
  • We chop up fresh veggies every day to ensure you’re getting the most nutritious and in-season ingredients available.
  • Our lo mein noodles are imported from Chinatown in Los Angeles and steamed, not boiled, to leave the skin porous and absorb your sauce’s flavor.
  • Even our soup is made in-house two to three times a day with traditional spices and seasonings for a quality meal that tastes homemade.

YC’s Pride

Our pride in our food comes through in every bite, so whichever combination of ingredients you choose, you’ll create an absolutely delicious bowl you’ll love every time. We don’t cut corners or ever serve you anything less than the best.

Our food is healthy because it should be.

And it’s fresh because we care.