YC’s Mongolian Grill makes it easy for our guests to create the bowl they want every time, affordably. High-quality ingredients can be difficult to come by and typically go bad before you have a chance to use them all. At YC’s, your custom stir-fry is always made with the freshest vegetables every time to give you a delicious meal and peace of mind.

11am–5pm. Every bowl comes with soup, rice and a drink.

After 5pm. Everything included in lunch plus Alaskan cod, seasonal veggies and frozen yogurt.

Seniors 55+. With valid ID at lunch and dinner.

Sorry, no sharing.
Tax not included. Prices are per person and may vary by location.

Have any allergies? Let us know so we can clean the grill.

12 and under. Includes a bowl, drink, rice, soup and frozen yogurt.

Fresh Ingredients

A nutritious meal starts with fresh ingredients, and we want our guests to have the best meal possible. That’s why we get meat delivered fresh to our door, chop veggies daily and make our soup in house multiple times a day. Plus, fresh food just tastes better.



Beef      Chicken (Dark Meat)      Chicken (White Meat)      Alaskan Cod      Pork      Shrimp      Tofu


Baby Corn      Bean Sprouts      Bell pepper      Broccoli      Cabbage      Carrots      Celery (raw) Chinese cabbage      Green onions (raw)      Mushrooms      Onions      Peanuts      Pineapple      Potatoes    Spinach      Tofu      Tomatoes      Water Chestnuts      Wontons      Zucchini     Seasonal

Noodles & Rice

Rice Noodles     Udon Noodles     Wheat Noodles     Brown Rice     White Rice

Soups (changes daily)

Chef’s Favorite Soup      Chicken Vegetable Soup      Chicken Wonton Soup      Spicy Beef

Get Sauced

Infuse your meal with your favorite flavor combinations. Create your own awesome sauce, or follow one of our recipes below.


Get the YC’s Nutrition Facts.

No matter how you fill your bowl, it’ll be loaded with healthy, quality ingredients. But if you’re curious about how to maximize your meal’s nutrition, see our guide below.